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I am looking for help

I’m a foreign resident looking for psychological help. Am I at the right address ? Is this service for me? Yes. If you are looking for psychological help and support, then this is the right place for you! Choose between the following options.

1. I feel that my mental health is in a serious state
(I am afraid of hurting myself or others, I Fear for my life, I feel like I’m going crazy, I can hear voices or I have hallucinations, I have strong health problems, I am in a dangerous situation…)

In that case, do not hesitate and call the emergency numbers
Bohnice psychiatric hospital hospital crisis line (mostly the doctors do speak english) : 284-016-666
Medical centre Unicare: English Language Emergency : 602-20-10-40, German Language emergency : 602-10-30-40

If the line is unavailable, contact other emergency lines.

2. I want to talk to someone about what is happening, what I am currently experiencing and dealing with in the context of the epidemic. How do I proceed? It’s easy!

  • From the list below, choose the expert who fits your language and expectations the best.
    (If the there is written “Full” in the “Capacity” field – , the expert cannot accept you right now. Look further, there are plenty of us.)
  • Contact the selected expert by e-mail or telephone.
  • Agree together on the details of the collaboration. We generally recommend meeting on weekdays, keeping the standard length of consultations to 50 minutes and frequency of once a week for the ordinary population.

We’re ready to help you/ Our experts/ Who you can talk to…

(Due to current situation we are not able to check the levels of stated language proficiency. Please try more contacts if necessary)

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